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Hiring A Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Lawyer?

Deciding which personal injury or wrongful death lawyer to hire can impact your case.  The State Bar of Michigan recommends that when hiring a lawyer, you should not shy away from asking "tough questions."  You should ask about the lawyer's experience in handling matters similar to yours and how long the lawyer has been in practice.  While it is advisable to ask the lawyer to provide examples of similar cases, you should keep in mind that the lawyer cannot share other clients' confidential information.  You should ask how long it will take to complete a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, or if there are alternatives to filing a case. Make sure that you understand how you will be charged for communicating with your lawyer, and ask the names of other attorneys in the law firm who will be involved in specific phases litigation.  

At Garrison Law, we have substantial experience in handling a wide range of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. We provide personalized attention and will explore all options to exceed your goals and expectations.  

How Can Garrison Law Help?

We understand this is a frightening and overwhelming time. We promise to provide exceptional and exacting legal guidance. We will make sure your case receives the attention and dedication it deserves.